Core Values

  1. Integrity

    We seek to be transparent, honest, and fair in our dealings and to be a model of good governance, setting high ethical standards for ourselves in all our dealings. We keep our word, deliver on our promises, and hold ourselves accountable. We shall strive to ensure that LBRDC is a company worthy of trust.

  2. Excellence

    We value continuous learning, hence, we always look for ways to improve our work, never resting on past achievements. We aspire at all times to give our best in whatever we do and to attain the highest professional performance in carrying out our duties and responsibilities, not satisfied with merely average work.

  3. Courtesy

    We seek to create an atmosphere of mutual respect for all employees, clients, and stakeholders. We treat others with respect and dignity, honoring diversity, individuality, and personal and professional differences.
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News & Events

  • LBPResources Website Launched!

    Friday January 04, 2013

    In keeping with trends in website development and the online environment, We are delighted to launch our new website